Talk: Samir M’kadmi, Namik Mackic & Camilla Shim Winge, 2010

Thursday 25 November at 5.30 pm

Samir M’kadmi, Namik Mackic & Camilla Shim Winge

With the emergence of neoliberal ideologies the notion of the arts as independent fields of creative expression and potential platforms for social and political critique tend to be superseded by the function of art as an enterprise that transforms artistic ideas into profitable commodities.

This poses a series of new challenges to artists as social agents and calls into question the sustainability of the various systems of production. On one side it unveils the precarious status of the artist and his or her activities. On the other side, it reveals the fragility of cultural institutions and underlines some of the shortcomings of present days cultural policies.

Samir M’kadmi, Namik Mackic and Camilla Shim Winge have been invited to BAC as the first group of participants in the pilot programme Collaborative Research Residency to develop their project Submissions. This interdisciplinary project aims to examine the rules and operations governing relations between the bureaucratic structures that administer the field, and agents seeking access to the means of productions. More specifically, they are investigating different dynamics of interdependence and procedures of acceptance with submission as a nexus around which interactions, negotiations and evaluations are organised.
How are these relations changed and re-negotiated under the pressure of new economic realities? How do the bureaucratic structures as co-producers influence the conversion of artistic ideas into production?
Welcome to the presentation of a collaborative research in progress, followed by an informal discussion.

The talk will be in English or Norwegian depending on the wishes of the audience.

Samir M’kadmi is educated in France and lives and works in Norway. He is a visual and media artist, writer and independent curator. Namik Mackic, educated in Norway, is an independent artist working with performance and film. Camilla Shim Winge is educated in England, France and Norway, and has been working as a researcher and freelance producer in the area of visual and performing arts.

Samir M’kadmi, Namik Mackic and Camilla Shim Winge have been invited to BAC as part of the Collaborative Research Residency programme funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.