Seminar: Constructions of the Almedalen Week 2010, 2010

Construction of the Almedalen Week 2010
Images, narrations and discussions

Notice the date!
Wednesday 7 July 9:30 – 11:30 am

The aim of this seminar is to create a public platform within the framework of the Almedalen Week for sharing and discussing experience and analysis of how the Almedalen Week 2010 is constructed seen from an ethical and political perspective.

The seminar will take as a point of departure a series of photographs shut in Visby during the first three days of the Almedalen Week.

Moderator: Fredrik Svensk

Contributors are among others: Anna Ahlstrand, Petra Bauer, Kim Einarsson, Malmö Fria Kvinnouniversitet (Lisa Nyberg & Johanna Gustavsson), Michele Masucci, Lisa Rosendahl, Judith Schwarzbart, and Sofia Wiberg.

This seminar will be in Swedish

The project is supported by Stiftelsen framtidens kultur.