Rosa Marie Frang, 2010

Born 1975. Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Studied at Umeå Art Academy, Sweden and Funen Art Academy, Denmark.

"The Genetic Goddess strikes back at the structures of space with a reasonable paranoia for normality" 2008, Gallery 60, Umeå, Sweden

Overall, there are two directions in my artist production. The first is characterized by being political, confronting and critical, using medias such as texts, sounds, prints, films and performances. My overall interest in this on-going production is to investigate the premises for the self in modern contemporary society, in relation to topics such as self-staging, commercialization and mass media.

The other line in my practice is almost the opposite, being escapist, psychedelic, and magic. This work unfolds in visual media such as drawing, collage and performance and is based upon my alter ego The Genetic Goddess who appeared for the first time in 2007. She is a magic and religious goddess from outer space and the creator of a wealth of new worlds and life forms, which exist parallel to our own world. My work together with her refers to the understanding of infinite space and time, as well as the seduction of storytelling, belief and rituals.

With these two seemingly opposite lines in my practice I am, at the same time, conducting a personal investigation into my own carrier and self-staging as an artist.

During my residency at BAC I will continue my investigation of self-staging and commercialisation of the self in a literary project. While telling the same personal story several times, I will examine genres such as magic realism and social realism. In this manner, the dual character of my practice forms a tension and interplay where the relativity of ‘realty as construction’ is at the centre of the project.

Rosa Marie Frang will be at BAC during April and May. She has been invited to BAC as part of the Artist-in-Residence program for Nordic and Baltic artists funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.