N.E.W.S., 2000


A major international exhibition will be organized this summer in Visby, from 15 July to 31 August: N.E.W.S.
(North-East-West-South in the Baltic Region).
Twenty artists from Scandinavia and the countries east of the Baltic Sea will are taking part in three exhibitions and four seminars in four countries over twelve months. The first seminar was in Visby in September 1999, and the whole project will conclude with the final exhibitions in Visby in summer 2000.

In Visby artists from the entire Baltic area will meet each other, the place, and the public in an exhibition to be held both in well-known exhibition places (Gotland Art Museum, galleries) and at unexpected sites in the public space of the town (ruins, caravans, warehouses, newspapers, shop windows, local radio broadcasts with discussions of contemporary art, etc.). Besides works by the twenty artists, there will also be a “Videotheque” where visitors will be presented with a compilation of the latest in contemporary art video from the ten countries involved. The exhibition runs from 15 July to 31 August 2000. The artists have already visited Visby and met the place one year previously, for the first seminar in September 1999.

N.E.W.S. is arranged by the Baltic Art Center and Gotland Art Museum in collaboration, with support from Gotland Municipality and Partnership for Culture.

Sept 11 1999 – Aug 31 2000 in

Visby July 15 – August 31 2000

Participating artists:
Ebba Matz, Sweden
Christian Partos, Sweden
Pasi Mann, Finland
Tea Makippa, Finland
Jannicke Låcker, Norway
Per Teljer, Sweden
Inessa Josing, Estonia
Eriks Bozis, Latvia
Arvids Alksnis, Latvia
Redas Dirzys, Litauen
Dainius Liskevicius, Lithuania
Kirsten Dufour, Denmark
Nynne Livbjerg, Denmark
Beate Daniel, Germany
Hanna Nowicka-Grochal, Poland
Piotr Komarnicki, Poland
Andrzej Syska, Poland
Andriej Khlobystin, Russia
Sasha Kleinbert, Russia