Mission Statement, 2009

BAC is a production office, a research, work- and meeting place for artists, curators, contemporary art writers and thinkers that develops, tests and runs a variety of production- and residency programs. By placing the artistic and curatorial process, research and experimentation at the centre of its activities BAC brings together different methods, practices and learning experience through collaborations with international, national and local partners that have a critical engagement with ways of thinking around our contemporary conditions.

BAC operates on a project-by-project basis, arranges and gives space to artist talks, public discussions, events and screenings in conjunction with its residency and production program. Its activities may include field trips, seminars, workshops, performance lectures, interviews, expert meetings and result in temporary displays, broadcasts, and publications.

BAC is an international meeting place in the Baltic Sea region connecting artists and art organizations in Sweden, the Baltic region and internationally.

During 2013-14 BAC focuses on issues connected to the multi-disciplinary field of visual culture research, as well as on questions of visibility, heritage and the politics of historical representation, and brings together artistic, curatorial and academic practices that address and critically reflect on how social, political and intellectual histories are being constructed.