future_island chapter 1, 2014

Seminar May 20 – 21, 2014.

By looking at case studies the aim of the seminar is to promote an international public art project on Gotland projected for 2015. Invited participants from Gotland will be presented with Swedish and international public art projects.

future_island is a series of three expert meetings/seminars that BAC organizes in order to support a qualitative exchange of contemporary cultural production and methods. Each meeting will focus on a specific genres, and how these can be successfully combined within the given conditions of Gotland.

Invited experts are Anne Lang from Region Halland, who is presenting In Site, an EU-based joint art project with the internationally acclaimed artist Susan Philipsz. Magdalena Malm, direktor of the Public Art Agency Sweden, and the Belgian artist Els Dietvorst showing her Irish film project: The Black Lamb. The Hungarian artist Tamás Kaszás will host a workshop with glimpses of a future Gotland ecology.

Co-hosted by BAC, Gotland Museum of Art, and the Gotland Gallery Association. With support from Region Gotland, Region Halland, Public Art Agency Sweden. future_island is made possible with grant by Kulturrådet’s regional development funds.