Curator Talk: Reet Varblane, 2010

Monday 8 November at 5:30-6:30 pm
At Baltic Art Center
Skeppsbron 24, Visby

Reet Varblane is a curator and art critic. She lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia.

Varblane, who is currently in residence at BAC, will talk about her research and her upcoming project /prologue/, a series of cultural events, which engage with present-day feminist concerns within the context of the cultural and social changes happening in Europe and beyond.

Varblane’s research interests revolve around gender studies and feminist art. In 1994 she curated the important feminist project in Estonia Code-ex in cooperation with Swedish Travelling Exhibitions. Alongside her curatorial practise Varblane has been active as an art critic since 1976. Since 2003 she has worked as a curator at Tallinn Art Hall.

Short bio:
Varblane studied history and art history at Tartu University. Following her graduation she worked 10 years at Tartu Art Museum. 1987 – 1993 she worked at the Academy of Science of Estonia at the Institute of History as a researcher. Since 1997 she has been the art editor of Estonian cultural weekly Sirp. In 1995 she was granted the Arts Link fellowship to USA to the Museum of Art of Indianapolis and in 2000 Getty fellowship in East Anglia University in UK.

Selected books: Ado Vabbe (1992, co-written with Evi Pihlak), Art in the XX Century (1994, co-written with Ants Juske, Jaak Kangilaski), Pandora’s Chest (2000, co-edited with Katrin Kivimaa), Obcurum per obscurius (2009, editor).

Reet Varblane will be at BAC during October and November. She has been invited as part of the Artist-in-Residence program for Nordic and Baltic artists, curators and art writers funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.