BAC contributes to LOOP, Festival for video art in Barcelona, 2010

The programme Conversations at the margins – new video work from the Baltic Art Center will be shown as part of the programme of the LOOP festival in May.

The program includes three recent film and video works produced in collaboration with BAC and the Artist-in-Residency programme. Each work uses the conversation or interview as method for exploring identity and authorship in different ways. Taking historical sources and events as their starting point – Ingmar Bergman’s film Persona, memories of the Second World War, and the book Conversations in Exile by Brecht – the artists stage complex revisions of the relationship between official representations of history and culture, and personal experience.

Still from 'Origin On' by Felice Hapetzeder


Artist: Sara Jordenö (b.1974, Sweden)
Titel: The Film Set House, 2009 -10
Duration: 15 minutes
Format: 16mm transferred to HD, colour and b&w, stereo sound

Artist: Felice Hapetzeder (b. 1973, Sweden)
Titel: Origin On re-cut trailer, 2009
Duration: 7.04 minutes
Format: HDV, colour, stereo sound

Artist: Maija Timonen (b.1977, Finland)
Titel: The Debtors, 2008
Duration: 16.20 minutes
Format: 16 mm transferred to HD, colour, stereo sound

Still fra 'The Debtors' by Maija Timonen

Loop is an annual festival held in Barcelona in collaboration with a number of institutions and venues across town.

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