Artist Talk & Screening: Rosa Marie Frang, 2010

Thursday 20 May, 4:30-6:30 pm

Language: English

Rosa Marie Frang, who is currently in residency at BAC, will talk about her work and introduce the film Background, which will be screened afterwards.

Background (2008) is an investigation into the possibilities of constructing and destructing the image of the self. The film documents how the artist tries to sell a concept for a lifestyle TV programme to the National Broadcast Corporation in Denmark, DR. To help her achieve the goal, she seeks advice from a personal branding consultant and a personal style- and shopping consultant. The material at hand is the artist’s own psyche, personality and life experiences.

The film is nearly the opposite of the classical story of development and can be seen as a story of deterioration where the camera follows her psychological collapse. In the project the artist is the film director, the guinea pig, and the main character, and the result is a dramatic short circuit where both the film and the artist implode in a state of hyper self-awareness. The film is 60 min long. Watch trailer here

Rosa Marie Frang (1975) lives and works in Copenhagen and will be at BAC during April and May. She has been invited to BAC as part of the Artist-in-Residence program for Nordic and Baltic artists funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.