NAARCA, 2023

Filmstill, Svalbard, 2022. Copyright Rikke Luther

The Nordic Alliance of Artist Residencies for Climate Action

BAC is a proud member of The Nordic Alliance of Artist Residencies for Climate Action, NAARCA, which is a three-year project bringing together residencies from six countries to collaborate on research, residencies, commissions, institutional change and education around climate action.

In addition to residency exchanges, art and writing commissions, and engagement workshops, NAARCA is delighted to announce its new podcast series, Testing Grounds. As the climate crisis accelerates, how can residencies be testing grounds for new – and better – ways of living and working? This eight-episode series brings together artists, researchers and activists from across the Nordic region and Scotland to explore this question. The first episode will be released on Friday 27 January 2023, and monthly thereafter.

Episode 4: Baltic Art Center – Artists’ Role in an Age of Climate Crisis is now available. This episode features Rikke Luther and Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas (Urbonas Studio), who discuss the potential, and the responsibilities, of art and artists in the context of climate change.

Please visit NAARCA’s new website for more information on the partner residencies and NAARCA’s innovative programme.

NAARCA is co-devised and co-led by Cove Park and Saari Residence (Finland), and aims to build a long-term bridge between Scotland and the Nordic countries around the most pressing global issue of our time. The collaboration is founded upon the geological, climatological, historical, and linguistic similarities that unite both regions, and is the starting point for a permanent, expansive and holistic network of radical cooperation.
In addition to Cove Park and Saari Residence, NAARCA brings together Arctic Culture Lab (Greenland), Artica Svalbard (Norway), Art Hub Copenhagen (Denmark), Baltic Art Center (Sweden), and Skaftfell – Center for Visual Art (Iceland) to collaborate on research, institutional change and public education around climate action.

BAC residens artist Rikke Luther works on a new project More Mud, commissioned by NAARCA, that examines the new “mudscapes” that are developing as the planets heats and thaws.