Fiona Tan, from production of "Diptych", Production-in-Residence BAC, 2006-2011.

BAC - Baltic Art Center is a residency for contemporary art on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. BAC aims to provide an international meeting place in the Baltic Sea region, bringing together artists and organisations regionally and internationally. We are a small and dynamic organisation with an office and guest apartment in the centre of Visby - a medieval UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although based in Visby, visiting artists often use the whole island as an extended studio, travelling around to explore, research and connect with different local communities and places. As a place of research and work for artists and other art professionals, BAC develops, produces, and presents artistic projects together with partners who share our commitment to contemporary society.

BAC is a flexible organisation that follows the artistic process and adapts its modus operandi to specific productions. By bringing together different methods, artistic practices and knowledge, BAC contributes to the vitality of the art scene and promotes Gotland as an arena for contemporary art.