Fikret Atay, 2018

Photo: Ludivine Thomas

Fikret Atay "The Flood"

BAC invited Fikret Atay to Gotland in February 2018 to make research for a new work. In September, the same year he came back to shoot the short film The Flood, that revolves around experiences of escape and exile. The film was shot on location on the island of Asunden on Northern Gotland with a group of new Gotlanders.

Through project funding from Region of Gotland, the The Flood was screened on Gotland during 2019 as part of Grand Salam på Almedalsbiblioteket in collaboration with the Gotland art commissioner, The School workshop: The Excursion in collaboration with Bergman Center and an event on the topic of artistic freedom in collaboration with the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators.

Fikret Atay

is a Kurdish artist that often works with the tensions that rise from the opposition between the Eastern and Western civilisations, civilians and military, tradition and experimentation: a situation he has lived through in his hometown, Batman, located in Turkey on the Iraqi border. Fikret Atay participates in the International Cities of Refuge Network programme (ICORN) and is based in Örebro, Sweden.