Lina Lapelytė and Mantas Petraitis , 2021

AIR_BALTIC residensprogram

The artist Lina Lapelytė and the architect Mantas Petraitis participated in the AIR_BALTIC residency programme in August 2021. Together they explored Gotland from a sound perspective. Their research included two different aspects of sound. The exploration of animal sounds through human imitation – mainly by children and the tradition of church bells.

To collect material for the exploration of the human imitation of animal sounds the artists made field recordings with their three children. Through a collaboration with the sailing artistic research platform Imagining Godzilla, Lapelytė and Petraitis could spend time at sea recording seas birds and natural sounds at sea. This research will contribute towards making new works in the exhibition Here Hear Hare Hair that premiers at SPACE Ilford Gallery, London and in the Gherdeina Biennale in May 2022.

Lapelytė and Petraitis also researched natural acoustics and church bells as well as the Klockrent project from 2013, when 100 churches all over Gotland united in a joint composition for bells. They also explored the coast and stones of the shores of Gotland and built a mock-up version of a possible sound wall in preparation for a sound based public art project with church bells.

Lina Lapelytė and Mantas Petraitis:
“From one side, this work delves into the architectural acoustics of the city by designing a location-based sound reflector that focuses on city bells and thus allows an immersive instrument-like experience of the surroundings. On the other, it aims to transcend from the references embedded in the bell by juxtaposing it with a song. As the city bells accompany the live performance, a momentary play with materiality, space, and rituals for gathering and listening is created. This work aims to renew the perspective of city bell sounds by bringing their lightness and intimacy.”

Lina Lapelytė

is an artist, musician, composer and performer. Her performance-based practice flirts with pop culture, explores gender stereotypes, aging and nostalgia. Together with Mantas Petraitis, architect Implant Architecture, she creates architectural structures for sound installations and performances. Both live and work in Vilnius and London.

AIR_BALTIC residency programme

is a platform for artistic practices exploring how social, historical and political narratives can take physical shape in nature, built environments, institutions and contemporary memory culture in the Baltic Sea region - also outside of Gotland. The residency invites two artists from the Nordic and Baltic countries in 2019-21, to encourage reflective thinking on the underpinnings of “place” in the Baltic Sea region.