SWAN, 2023

Network Meeting theme: "Sustainable Artistic Freedom"

Swedish Artist Residency Network – SWAN

BAC is hosting the annual network conference 12-13 October 2023.

SWAN is an open national network for everyone who works with, or wants to start working with, residency activities in the areas of art, dance, handicraft, film, literature, music, design and photo. The network has a wide range of actors and represents both artist driven initiatives and institutions.

Sustainable Artistic Freedom?
During the SWAN network meeting on Gotland we will begin to outline what sustainability means for an artistic residency from a social, cultural, economic and environmental perspective.
How can residencies participate in the green transition while continuing to be international meeting places and advocates for artistic freedom?
How can residency organisations be given long-term opportunities to maintain inclusive working environments that are also places of artistic experimentation and exchange beyond the major urban centres?
How can SWAN as an organisation best serve all its members, from North to South?
Through workshops, artists’ work and presentations we will explore these questions during two jam-packed days on Gotland.

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact the network meeting’s project manager Frida Lindroth:


formed in 2021 and has a 3-year grant from the Swedish Arts Council.​ The hosting of SWAN is itinerant: In 2020-21, digital network meetings was arranged by organizer Art Inside Out/Region Halland. In 2022 the Resource Center For Art, Region Norrbotten is hosting and summoning the network. Baltic Art Center on Gotland hosts the network during 2023. The host of the year plans the network's regular activities and invites to a conference.