The Art of Heritage, 2019

Art of Heritage Research Residency, artist Augustas Serapinas in the collection storage of the Museum of Gotland.

Seminar: Artistic Research: In Artistic Practice, In the Academy and in the Museum

Gotland Art Museum September 19, 9:30-16:30 Free of charge. In English Please register to:

As part of the development of the Art of Heritage Residency a collaboration with the Museum of Östergötland has been formed. Through this collaboration a seminar will be arranged that will discuss the growth of artistic research programmes in institutions and universities and how artistic and archaeological research methods can contribute with new perspectives on museum collections.

9:30 Åsa Sonjasdotter presents Peace With the Earth
Åsa Sonjasdotter will make a presentation of the Peace With the Earth project in the exhibition at the Gotland Art Museum. During her talk she will discuss issues of narrative and form in relation to her research.

10:30 Presentation of the collaborating organisations:
Representatives from BAC, the Museum of Gotland and the Museum of Östergötland introduce their organisations and their collaboration within The Art of Heritage Project.

11:00 Mick Wilson, artist, educator, and currently Professor of Art at the University of Gothenburg.
Research by artists in/with/through institutions.
This presentation will consider the development of research cultures within arts academies and wider art systems. It will try to identify some of the fault-lines in current practices and debates. The presentation will look at some possible tensions between artistic exceptionalism and public address, and between self-interestedness and disinterestedness in the professional retrenchment of aesthetic and artistic boundaries.


12:45 Per Nilsson, researcher and archaeologist, Museum of Östergötland
Archaeology? Interaction & Fraction in Theory and Practice
Archaeologists and artists have a long history of collaboration. In recent years research projects have been performed both at, and as, excavations and in museums. But how can we explore the magic that happens when something from the past is being uncovered? Could an object-oriented research process be a way of revealing and mediating sensory aspects of museum objects?

13:30 Johan Tirén, artist based in Stockholm
From Artistic Excavation to Permanent Artwork
The artist Johan Tirén will talk about his and Anna Högberg’s work in Gamlegården, a million programme area in Kristianstad where they, through the Art Is Happening scheme, have been working off and on since 2016. It’s about the interplay between the visible and the invisible, how discussions about the image of Gamlegården, the identity of the place, high and low, value and values, limits and limiting, finally ended up in two permanent art works.

14:15 BREAK

14:45 Melanie Klein, PhD History of Art, curator the Museum of Östergötland
Perspectives and speculations – examples of artistic research and its meaning for the museum.
Melanie Klein will talk about the inclusion of different perspectives on objects and artworks. She will also include examples from other museums in Europe and discuss the relevance of artistic research in the Museum of Östergötland.

15:30 Finishing discussion in Swedish

The Art of Heritage – an artistic research residency at the Museum of Gotland

is collaboration between BAC, the Museum of Gotland and the People’s Movement for Art Promotion. The artistic residency at the Museum of Gotland will receive Swedish and international artists with an interest in heritage, historic cultural environments and historiography to explore, research and visualize heritage anew from an artistic point of view. The affinity between archaeology and art history and the prominent role that artists have played in the portrayal of history, resonates within the project.