Kalle Brolin, 2024

Peace march Gotland 1981. Photo: Maud and Hans Söderberg

On Languages of Mobilisation

In the European collaborative projekt ON MOBILISATION, BAC facilitates On Languages of Mobilisation, which consists of an international symposium, a residency for Kalle Brolin's artistic research project and the evening school Peace Talks led by the artist.

Kalle Brolin's artistic research is based on conversations with people involved in the peace movement on Gotland and will result in a visual encyclopaedia where abstract concepts from the vocabulary of the peace movement are translated into a series of concrete images. The artist describes the Peace Talks evening school:

In times of militarisation, nationalism and mobilisation in response to international conflicts, we also want to hear the voices of the peace movement, in as many different variants as we can find. We wish to see peace work in a wider context and in a longer time perspective.

The evening school will take place March 7, 14 and 20th at 17.00-19.30 at Vita Huset, Ekmansgatan 11 , Visby in collaboration with NBV and GRASS Uppsala universitet Campus Gotland.
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Kalle Brolin

is an artist and writer based in Malmö, Sweden. He works with video installation and performance, and in large scale and research-heavy projects. A series of works concerns the effect of two industries, coal mining and sugar factories, upon the inner and outer landscape of Scania (Skåne). Kalle Brolin has also written and has been published widely about contemporary art, mainly focussing on social practice projects and on a definition of the term ”political art”. He is one of the initiators of the solar powered Sunshine Socialist Cinema.


is a collaborative project with the artistic residency organizations: wpZimmer (Antwerp), BAC (Visby), Studio ALTA (Prague), Lavanderia a Vapore (Turin), ARIA (Antwerp) and GRASS (Visby) and the invited artists: Kalle Brolin, Elisabetta Consonni, Daniele Ninarello, Ahilan Ratnamohan, Marika Smreková and Danae Theodoridou, who will collaborate in participatory artistic research projects.