Sorry No Rooms Available, 2022

Photo: the Intourist-Zakarpattya Hotel in Uzhhorod.

Sorry No Rooms Available

The Kindling project is run by a partnership consisting of BAC on Gotland, Milvus Artistic Research Center (MARC) in Skåne and the Ukrainian residencies/artistic platforms Sorry No Rooms Available in Uzhhorod and soma.majsternia in Lviv.

Sorry No Rooms Available is led by the artist Petro Ryaska and is one of the few year-round residencies of contemporary art in Ukraine and one of the few private, non-profit contemporary art-oriented organizations in the Transcarpathian region. Since 2016, it has been operating at the Intourist-Zakarpattya Hotel in Uzhhorod. About 10-12 artists are invited per year. In return, the artists commit to the production of a contextual project or exhibition in the city of Uzhhorod or in the region, as well as participate in an artist talk, lecture, or workshop. In the aftermath of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Sorry No Rooms Available has broadened the scope of its programming, hosting participants from regions of Ukraine where war actions are taking place.

Viktor Pokydanets - hidcarton
The exhibition hidcarton (hidden cardboard) presents a new works by Viktor Pokydanets, an artist from Mykolaiv, Ukraine. The exhibition includes works from the title series of cardboard and from the "ros. Lit” – series, created by Pokydanets during his participation in the Kindling - Reform programme led by Sorry No Rooms Available. Humour is abundant in Viktor Pokydanets' multimedia creations, which are used to comment on the eccentricities of life during and after the collapse of state socialism, and on the complexities of the period that followed. In true Pokydanet spirit, the works draw on a variety of references, including pop culture, agitprop, and suprematism. The series shows how easily what is "formal" can become "informal" and vice versa.

Curated by Petro Ryaska and Alex Fisher, the exhibition was held at the Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum in Uzhhorod, Ukraine, from 20 April to 9 May 2023.

Serhii Diachenko and Yuliia Manukian - In Search of an Ideal Settlement
As part of their residency at Sorry No Rooms Available, Serhii Diachenko and Yuliia Manukian – a scholar of urbanism and cultural critic – organized a series of "urban drifts” through Uzhhorod, which were free and open to the public. Each drift focused on a different district in Uzhhorod. The first focused on the area around the residency center, whose design was changed dramatically by the construction of a massive Russian Orthodox church in 2000. The second focused on Maly Galagov, Uzhhorod’s modernist administrative center, which was built in 1923-1938. The third began with the question: What is Uzhhorod’s city center? This drift considered Koryatovych Square as a place where residents and visitors alike can orient their understanding of Uzhhorod’s continuous evolutions.

Diachenko and Manukian also participated in the group exhibition In Search of an Ideal Settlement, which surveyed a range of methods for engaging with urban built environments. Featured works focus on ‘small’ details and ‘large’ visions, looking from above, below, in-, and outside their chosen settings and subjects. Drawing on Sorry No Rooms Available’s network of collaborators from across Ukraine and the international community, the exhibition includes projects that address Uzhhorod as well as those related to phenomena in other locales, such as Dnipro and the semi-fictional Svetlograd. The exhibition was accompanied by a public program, including a lecture by Diachenko, whose residence with was partly supported by the Kindling project.

The exhibition was co-curated by Petro Ryaska and Alex Fisher and realized at the Transcarpathian Regional People’s Museum of Architecture and Life, Ukraine. The exhibition ran from April 20th through May 9th, 2023. Participants artists were: Open Group, Danylo Halkin, Kseniya Hnylytska, Sofiya Doroshenko, Sasha Dolhyi, Serhii Diachenko, Nikita Kadan, Yuliia Manukian, Pavlo Makov, Jakopo Natoli, Yevhen Nikiforov, Oleh Perkovskyi, Anton Sayenko, Studio 12345678910, Yaroslav Futymskyi, Alina Yakubenko, KAR


is a research project and dialogue between small and medium-size arts platforms operating in rural and regional areas. Kindling proceeds on the conviction that residencies, especially those operating outside the context of the capital metropolis, proverbially ‘light a fire’ in the communities they are situated in through their support of socially engaged artistic practices. The project takes the form of residencies with associated public programming, including workshops, showings, performances, and a concluding symposium.