Milvus Artistic Research Center - MARC, 2023

Still from video portrait credit: Yaroslav Futymskyi and Pavlo Kerestey, Kindling residency at Milvus Artistic Research Center, 2023, still from video portrait by Thomas Zamolo.

Milvus Artistic Research Center - MARC

The Kindling project is run by a partnership consisting of BAC on Gotland, Milvus Artistic Research Center (MARC) in Skåne and the Ukrainian residencies/artistic platforms Sorry No Rooms Available in Uzhhorod and soma.majsternia in Lviv.

MARC is a hub for creation and exchange that actively fosters a dialogue between theory and practice, creativity and knowledge, and artists and communities in the field of performance. MARC pairs artists with mentors, colleagues, and the public, to address the need for a platform where critical discourse is encouraged and cultivated. The Kindling residences at MARC were managed by Kajsa Rolfsson and Rachel Tess, with support from members of the surrounding community.

Yaroslav Futymskyi and Pavlo Kerestey
Yaroslav Futymskyi and Pavlo Kerestey were in residence from April 24th through May 22nd at MARC. Futymskyi, the main resident, an artist from Poninka, now based in Kyiv, worked in collaboration with Pavlo Kerestey, an artist from Uzhhorod, Ukraine.

Together, the artists created a new, interdisciplinary series of work, including paintings, photographs, and locally sourced stones placed on wheels. The works engage compound relations between weights, memories, and environments, referencing the duo’s dialogues over a long duration as well as the distinguishing characteristics of the area in and around MARC.

Olha Marusyn
Olha Marusyn spent the month of June in residence at MARC. Marusyn is an artist and curator who works mainly with choreography and text as well as being a co-founder of soma.majsternia, one of the partner organizations of Kindling. She is based in Lviv and has presented her solo and collaborative work in exhibitions and festivals in Ukraine and internationally.

While in residence, Marusyn developed the concept for Chorni oslavy (Black celebrations), a multidisciplinary project about death and memory. Her working process involved producing choreographic material as well as text and audio elements that will be published as a poetic mixtape. The audio recording was done together with Jörgen Wrangsjö, a musician based in Knislinge; Eiko Otake, a movement-based interdisciplinary artist in residence at MARC and Thomas Zamolo, an artist who also created a video portrait of Marusyn. The project continued in Lanchyn, the settlement where the artist was born in Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains. There, Marusyn collaborated with Vasyl Lyakh, an artist and filmmaker who made a film in addition to participating in the music production.

On Thursday, June 22nd at Moderna Museet Malmö, Marusyn presented “My-musical,” a participatory art action created by internally displaced persons (IDPs) residing at a shelter in Lviv, Ukraine together with members of the cultural community. The shelter is organized by and located at soma.majsternia, a volunteer initiative and independent DIY-space dedicated to performance.


is a research project and dialogue between small and medium-size arts platforms operating in rural and regional areas. Kindling proceeds on the conviction that residencies, especially those operating outside the context of the capital metropolis, proverbially ‘light a fire’ in the communities they are situated in through their support of socially engaged artistic practices. The project takes the form of residencies with associated public programming, including workshops, showings, performances, and a concluding symposium.