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Moving image - Expanded field of practice

Seminar at BAC on 25-26 August, 2014

Screening of Swedsh filmmaker Anna Eborn`s documentary Pine Ridge (2013, 72 min)
August 25 at 19.00
Folkets bio Roxy

future_island 2 encourages thinking about the moving image as it emerges at the intersections of art, research and experimentation. The seminar discusses how to create an environment for innovative, critical projects, new prototypes for research and forward- looking business models within local networks. It also looks at how the affective nature of a place (e.g.: Gotland) in which an artistic work is produced, can influence its style, form and narrative.

Co-produced by BAC, Film på Gotland, and Valand Academy, Göteborg University

BAC: collaborative strategies and critical engagement
Marcus Lindeen, filmmaker and writer based in Stockholm
Ewa Einhorn and Jeuno JE Kim, artists based in Berlin and Seoul /MalmöFilm on Gotland: Reinventing Cinema – in search of future film art
Paola Ciliberto, film commissioner at Film on Gotland, initiator of the project Gotland Film Lab in Kustateljén, Fårösund, that aims at developing a platform for artistic film production
Anna Eborn, filmmaker based in Stockholm
Hjalmar Palmgren, director of the Production Funding & Promotion Department, Swedish Film Institute, Stockholm

Valand Academy: Camera as a tool
Klara Björk, producer and head of Department of Film Studies at Valand Academy–University of Gothenburg
Linda Sternö, filmmaker and producer, lecturer at Film Curating MA program at the Valand Academy–University of Gothenburg
Cecilia Torquato, film director, producer and the research representative for the Department of Film Studies at Valand Academy–University of Gothenburg
Patrik Eriksson, PhD fellow at the Department of Film Studies at Valand Academy–University of Gothenburg

Photo: BAC


future_island is a series of three expert meetings/seminars that BAC organizes in order to support a qualitative exchange of contemporary cultural production and methods. Each meeting will focus on a specific genres, and how these can be successfully combined within the given conditions of Gotland.

future_island is made possible with the Regional Development Fund from the Swedish Arts Council


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