BAC seminar, 2013

Illustration: Albin Gunther, 2013

Context in Flux seminar

The Swedish Exhibition Agency, BAC–Baltic Art Center, Nida Art Colony and Art Lab Gnesta collaborate to produce two symposiums with invited artists, curators and art students. The aim is to develop engaged and strategic ways, that can assist cultural institutions who work in many and overlapping contexts.

BAC, Nida Art Colony and Art Lab Gnesta are small art institutions located in a geographical periphery. Each institution has their specific profile, but they all run residency programs with a range of activities, which span from exhibitions, seminars and education. At the same time it is evident for these smaller institutions that the conditions are in a continuous change. Target groups are changing, funding is under constant negotiation, new networks develop over geographical and interdisciplinary areas.

Context in Flux mainly consists of workshops where the participants investigate:
– Relationships between place and practice.
– The interaction between the local situation and the flow of practices and people.
– The residency program as a productive arena and sheltered laboratory.

Photo: Ulrika Trygg-Wiberg

The symposiums are accessible online through interviews, materials selected from the archives of the participating institutions and individuals; PDF.

Symposium 1
Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania
October 12-13, 2013

Symposium 2
The Swedish Exhibition Agency and BAC, Visby, Sweden
November 22-23, 2013

Nida Art Colony (NAC)

in Nida, Lithuania, is a subdivision of the Vilnius Academy of Arts and opened in March 2011. NAC is a meeting place for experienced and emerging artists, designers, architects, curators, art critics and researchers from around the world. Artistic, curatorial and educational process lies in the core of its activities, which mostly focus on professional development of artists and informal art education for the young. NAC offers time, space and professional support for exchange, work, reflection, research, production and experimentation in contemporary visual culture. Through collaboration with international and national partners as well as cooperation with departments of Vilnius Academy of Arts it develops and runs a variety of art production and art education projects. NAC also runs an artist-in-residence programme, which offers curated and independent stays professional artists that are invited or selected by open call.

Art Lab Gnesta (ALG)

is a place for creating, debating and experimenting with connections between art and society. ALG is interested in the relationships between art and artists, the local community, schools, art institutions and others involved in the arts or social issues – locally, nationally and internationally. ALG has studios, workshops, an art gallery and project spaces in an old brewery in Gnesta. With art in focus it works with publications, exhibitions, workshops, talks and other events produced and delivered at the brewery. It also runs a residency programme. With feet in the Sörmland railway town of Gnesta and eyes fixed forward ALG is a place of production, discussion and creativity.

Swedish Exhibition Agency: Lab 13

Context in Flux is a project within Lab 13, a new platform for process-methodology at The Swedish Exhibition Agency. The Swedish Exhibition Agency supports museums and other exhibitors in development and collaboration through providing knowledge, experiences and networks from global monitoring and analysis. We also develop technology and methods together with creative exhibitors and disseminate what we learn through advice, courses and newsletters. The Swedish Exhibition Agency also prioritises children and young people and the development and accessibility of contemporary art. The Swedish Exhibition Agency is a government agency under the Swedish Ministry of Culture.