Henrik Andersson, 2018

Ljudverk under Almedalsveckan

Through a collaboration between Visby Cathedral, BAC and Konstfrämjandet (People’s Movements for Art Promotion), the artist Henrik Andersson’s sound work with church bells will ring over Visby every day at 8:00, 12:00 and 20:00 hrs from Sunday July 1st to Sunday July 8th. The sound piece is a restaging from 2005 when Henrik Andersson asked organist Anna Stenholm to compose a piece for church bells with an Arabic ton scale. Once again, for the 50th jubilee of the Almedal Week and the election year of 2018, the Arabic sounding church bells will play to remind us of how mankind and culture have developed through openness and dialogue.

The artist Henrik Andersson about Repetition:
“The question of the origins of music is as topical in today’s Visby as it was in Greece during antiquity 2500 years ago. That musical harmony could be mathematically explained was something that made people think that music was something that followed the laws of physics rather than originated from within culture.”

Mats Hermansson, Dean of Visby Cathedral:
“Visby Cathedral, Saint Maria, has been at the centre of Visby since 1225 and has always provided a runway for things international, different and foreign. Everybody’s welcome – regardless of the purpose of the visit. The church has always manifested Everybody’s equal worth. This has been the case from its origins and this is still the case all over the world. This is the heritage of the Church: The God of our lives makes way through all the moral rubble, through to each one of us and says: You are allowed to be who you are – don’t be afraid! Saint Maria is more related to other holy rooms over the world than to other buildings in Visby. We humans have given these holy rooms beautiful names like: Synagogue, Pagoda, Temple and Mosque…”

About Konstfrämjandet – People’s Movements for Art Promotion:
The People’s Movements for Art Promotion collaborates with its member associations and other art promoters so that art can be present in all parts of society. Artistic thinking is our common ability for innovation and we see art as a way of thinking ABOUT the world. When Henriks Andersson uses our common history of music as a sounding board, the work “Repetition” reminds us how humanity thinks and develops together.