Azadeh Fatehrad, 2024

Photo: Azadeh Fatehrad


Gotland Art Museum at Fornsalen
Opening March 23rd 13:00-16:00
Exhibition runs March 23rd- May 1st 2024

BAC and the Gotland Art Museum proudly present artist and researcher Azadeh Fatehrad's exhibition Making Home, produced as part of the research project MaHoMe (2020-2024), supported by Nordforsk. Making Home highlights the role of mobile phones as links that connect individuals to their places of origin. It also highlights the relationship between modern technology and deeply personal memories and perceptions of home. The exhibition includes a fictional documentary, photographs and a slideshow that draws the viewer into the complex world of migration, memory and the search for belonging, and is the result of a collaboration between Baltic Art Center in Visby, Compass Collective and Kingston University in London.

Making Home is a story and a testimony of the common human experience of migration, return and integration. As part of the research project, artist Eva Hållsten was commissioned to lead four workshops in May and June 2022 in her home - a large old farmhouse with a lush garden in Stockvike Öja on southern Gotland. She invited about 15 people who had migrated to Sweden from Afghanistan and Syria in 2015-16. She was inspired by the fact that many of them wanted to preserve the flavours of their home country's cuisine for cooking in their new country. Using their mobile phones, the group gathered inspiration and information from relatives and friends to build a wood-fired oven to bake traditional bread, cook and eat together. All the workshops were filmed by cinematographer Stefan Kullänger, who captured memories and discussions about the tastes and smells of home.

Azadeh Fatehrad: - The series of aesthetic workshops on Gotland provided a unique platform for sharing stories and experiences and enabled a rich exchange of perspectives on the theme of migration and belonging. Up close, I was able to witness how mobile technology is woven into the lives of migrants and serves as both a symbolic and practical tool to maintain contact with distant homelands. The insights from these discussions were invaluable and directly influenced the development of the documentary film and other parts of the exhibition.

The research project, Making it Home: An Aesthetic Methodological Contribution to the Study of Migrant Home-Making and Politics of Integration, takes an innovative approach to the challenges of migration and integration by exploring the ways in which migrants make and create homes within the complex and diverse integration policies of three host communities: the UK, Denmark and Sweden.

Azadeh Fatehrad

Artist and curator Dr. Azadeh Fatehrad is a Senior Lecturer and International Research Leader at Kingston University. As an interdisciplinary researcher in the fields of migrant housing and integration policy, Dr Fatehrad combines research and artistic methods to explore these areas. Her extensive participatory research, developed in collaboration with various communities and NGOs in the UK, Sweden and Denmark, explores the complexities of social integration. She also contributes her expertise as a board member of the European Network for Artistic Research.