Rikke Luther, 2022

Rikke Luther, The Sand Bank. Part of three canvases 2.25x4m, as part of backdrop for The Tap Dance Show, 2018.

Artist’s Talk by Rikke Luther GRASS Fellow 2022-2023

Concrete: The Great Transformation Date: November 17th Time: 17:00-18:00 Place: E22 auditorium at the Almedalen Library Free admission

The Danish artist and researcher Rikke Luther’s artistic work explores the new interrelations created by environmental crisis as they relate to Earth System. Those relation encompass themes related to landscape, language, politics, financialisation, law, biology, and economy, that she expresses in drawn images, photography, and film. Here Luther will talk about her recent work about concrete, as a reflective material in which to observe shifting patterns of social, cultural, and political order. The talk will present Luther’s ongoing research into the connections between modernity and the mineral extraction industries, soil erosion, and rapid planetary change.

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