Victor Alimpiev, 2009

Victor Alimpiev was born in Moscow, 1973. He graduated from the Art School of Memory of 1905, Moscow Pedagogic State University (Department of Art and Graphics), and has studied at the New Strategies in Contemporary Art School at the Open Society Institute in Moscow and at the Valand Art Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden. He lives and works in Moscow.

Victor Alimpiev’s videos record carefully choreographed performances that use aspects of modern dance and experimental theatre while rigorously avoiding any kind of narrative conclusion or psychological resolution. The figures in his videos are often engaged in sequences of repetitive, minimalist movements that bring out their sculptural character. In his highly concentrated and formalist works, Alimpiev investigates the subtleties of human expression, its awkward moments, habits, and the relationship of the individual to the collective.

Victor is part of the Production-in-Residence program at BAC 2007-9. He was invited to the program by the 2006/7 jury (Lynne Cooke, Friedrich Meschede and Åsa Nacking). As a result of his working process at BAC he has produced the video To Trample Down An Arable Land (2009) which will be shown for the first time as part of his solo exhibition at IKON Gallery in Birmingham during autumn 2009.