Valentinas Klimašauskas, 2010

Valentinas Klimašauskas was born in 1977, in Kaunas, Soviet Union. Lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Valentinas Klimašauskas is a founding co-editor of Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt (, a curator at Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre (, where he recently curated “If you know that here is one hand…”, “Leaps & Loops”, the artist book exhibition “Short Introduction to Gutenberg Galaxy”. As a curator, writer & editor he is interested in speculative economies of language, in linking agents, concepts & readers into new performative systems.

During his stay he will work on The Invisible Exhibitions, a research and writing project examining real and imagined language-based exhibitions. Inserting these exhibitions into the text based environment he is using text as both ‘material’ and ‘exhibition space’. With inspiration in philosophy, linguistics, and economics as well as a blurring of the borders between art and life found in performative practices in both modern and contemporary art, Valentinas Klimašauskas is placing his exhibitions in a complex web located somewhere between the individual (viewer’s) memory and the collective imagination and mythology.

Download the text The Invisible Exhibitions, writing project by Valentinas Klimašauskas

Valentinas Klimašauskas will be at BAC during May and June. He has been invited to BAC as part of the Artist-in-Residence programme for Nordic and Baltic artists and curators funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.