Artist Talk: Tommy Støckel, 2009

Wednesday 16 September, 5pm.

Artist Tommy Støckel (b.1972 Copenhagen, lives and works in Berlin) introduces his practice. Tommy is in residence at BAC in September and October.

“Støckel’s work is a pack horse of art historical references dressed up in a technological guise: classical sculpture, Renaissance perspective, cubism, still life, spacecraft, molecular and sub atomic structure. Unlike much’sci-art’ though, his work retains an integrity that does not rely on spurious claims of interdisciplinarity. His materials do not reflect space age possibilities, his imagery is not culled from electron microscopes and his processes are not the result of any liberal, cross-campus collaboration. Støckel uses paper and card, polystyrene and glue; more a model maker’s vocabulary than a research scientist’s. This hobbyist aesthetic echoes the increasing accessibility of science to the lay community.” – from Strange Attractors by Sally O’Reilly, in the monograph on Tommy Støckel published by Pork Salad Press