The Secret Cinema: 2, 2009


Wednesday 9 December at 6pm

Entrance is free. All welcome!

The Secret Cinema
In a time when it is necessary to be connected, when constant communication is supposed to give you the feeling of being part of a community but this community more often than not is fragmented and physically remote, when most of us are visible through social networks and are feeding the attention economy by default – what does it mean to be together at the same time at the same place sharing a common experience, but not knowing beforehand what this experience will be?

The Filmmaker Peter Watkins talks about the “Monoform” as the structure and editing techniques used in mass communication, which reproduce the ideologies of globalization and create a lack of time/space guaranteeing that audiences will be unable to reflect on what is really happening to them. More and more, we can see how we have internalized the logic of the “Monoform” – its speed and quick editing – within our own lives. The Secret Cinema is a series of screenings and discussions exploring the medium of cinema itself to help us understand the “Monoform” and its consequences.

Wishing to create a framework where our attention and engagement surpasses the attention economy, The Secret Cinema is an attempt at playing around with strategies of visibility and invisibility to explore the situations and possibilities that might open up through partial secrecy. The times, dates and place for The Secret Cinema screenings will be publicly announced. The title, director and duration of the film will not be disclosed to anyone apart from those attending the event.