Sara Jordenö, 2009

I am a Swedish artist based in Sweden and New York. I studied at Malmö Art Academy (1997 – 2000) and at the Interdisciplinary Studio at the UCLA Department of Art (2000 – 2003). My work has been shown in galleries, museums and at film festivals in Europe and the US. I am also part of the artist collective The Production Unit.

My projects are long term investigations which, over time, may generate several works in different formats, such as films, installations, texts, artist books or discussions. Often, the starting point is another work of art and questions concerning authorship. The Persona Project (2000-) deals with the Ingmar Bergman film “Persona” from 1965. Through researching the distribution of the film in the US – the subtitling, the censorship, the DVD production – the project makes visible a range of alternative authorships, people and situations that have brought meaning to “Persona”. By detaching the film from the control of its Director, I am also questioning his authority and interpretation.