Ruth Hege Halstensen, 2009

Ruth Hege Halstensen was born in 1980 in Haugesund, Norway. She is currently finishing her MA dissertation in Art History, writing about the tradition of oral storytelling and conceptualism in the work of Tino Sehgal. While at BAC, Halstensen will be researching Nordic and Baltic artists working with oral tradition and body language in a participatory field. The project “You sort of had to be there” (working titel) will eventually lead to some form of curatorial presentation. In 2008, Halstensen was part of the curatorial program at the Art Academy in Bergen. She has curated exhibitions such as “Parade”(2007-08), “Video as Tool” (2007), “I am Human and I need to be loved” (2008) and “Safe as Milk arkiv” (2008) which were all attempts at problematizing the definitional power of the curator, the conventions of the viewer and the exhibition format as a form of staging.

Ruth Hege Halstensen has been invited to BAC as part of the Artist-in-Residence program for Nordic artists funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.