hotSpot#3, 2002


On the 16th of February the exhibition hotspot #3 – Electrohype opened at Baltic Art Center. In co-operation with Electrohype, BAC- presented a group of work that represents the most exciting development in the field of Electronic arts in Scandinavia and Europe.

Electronic art is still relatively new and still somewhat undiscovered. The exhibition aims to cover a broad area in this discipline and present work that vary from large physical installations to the work on the computer screen. Classic works as Alexei Shulgins 386-DX are shown alongside Johannes Nybloms endlessly talkative and fascinating work ”Thomas och Hans” to mention two of the nine artists and groups of artists that will be shown at the exhibition.

Electrohype is a non-profit organization promoting and advocating computer-based art in Sweden and the other Nordic countries. At the present time this art genre lacks its own established forum in this geographical region. Electrohypes main objective is to establish the basis for growth and a supportive environment for this art form here in Scandinavia.

You can find Electrohype on the web

Participating artists;

Rikard Lundstedt, Sweden
Lisa Jevbratt, Sweden/USA
Johannes Nyholm, Sweden
Magnus Wassborg, Sweden
Kjell Yngve Petersen & Karin Søndergaard,Denmark
jodi, Netherlands/Belgium
Alexei Shulgin, Russia
Mattias Karlsson, Sweden
Laura Beloff, Christopher Lindinger, Robert Praxmarer, Austria/Finland

Hot Spot is a Gotland Interactive Park project. Seminars, lectures, workshops and exhibitions are produced by Visby Interactive Studios and Baltic Art Center.