Hinrich Sachs: World as Heritage, 2010

Tuesday 26 January, 6pm

Talk by artist Hinrich Sachs

Language: English

The lecture will take place at Gotland University, room B51

World as Heritage. Questions from an Artistic Perspective
The discourse on heritage, including the identification of cultural objects, geographies, and even practises, in terms of value, can be understood as one of influential framing conditions for contemporary artistic productions too. It comes as no surprise that it is the tightening intellectual property regime which fuels such debate. The talk in Visby will therefore on the one side present cases and effects of the UNESCO World Heritage label, as productive as problematic, in order to debate their underlying concepts, and on the other side elaborate on the artistic project entitled Five World Heritage Landscapes by the speaker, realised in Düsseldorf, Germany, from 2004 onwards.

The lecture is presented in collaboration with Gotland University, the department of integratet conservation.

Hinrich Sachs is an artist and writer living in Basel, CH. He is Professor at the Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm, since 2007.

Selected projects and exhibitions
2010 Ce qui vient, Biennale de Rennes, FR (upcoming) 2009 A Fantasy for Allan Kaprow, Contemporary Image Collective, Cairo, Egypt; is a book, is a shop, is a show, Contemporary Art Center Riga, LV; 2007 Say it isn’t so, Museum Weserburg, Bremen, DE; Maskottchengruppe für Pulheim (ungefragt), Pulheim, DE; L’Europe en devenir, Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris, FR;

Selected writings
2009 Moving. Prospects for a Myth of the Modern, in: An Invention of Allan Kaprow for the Moment, ed. Pirotte/Oeghoede, Kunsthalle Bern, CH; Hydra, the Chicken and the Egg, in Goldin+Senneby: Headless, ed. Burke/Goldin+Senneby, The Powerplant, Toronto, CN; Who’s Talking? An Epilogue, in: Mejantalks, Volume 1-4, ed. Jens Evaldsson, Stockholm, SE