Destruction-in-Residence, 2011

The project Destruction-in-Residence is part of BAC:s ongoing enquiry into the contemporary conditions for art production. Destruction-in-Residence is conceived as a complement to the program Production-in-Residence, established at BAC in 2004, and will function as a tool for rethinking established frameworks and conventions for art production and mediation. Artists and cultural practitioners are invited to engage with acts of destruction, removal and/or erasure – conceptually, structurally and physically – in relation to the context of BAC. The project is a curatorial response to the recent closing down of BAC:s permanent exhibition hall, an act interpreted here as a gesture of liberation and the starting point for reimagining the relationship between artistic process, institution and society.

Destruction No.1: The first intervention as part of this series consists of the invited artist removing his/her name from all publicity connected to the project.

Destruction No.2: Santiago Sierra Destroyed Word, 30 October 2010