Context in Flux, 2013

The Swedish Exhibition Agency, Baltic Art Center, Nida Art Colony and Art Lab Gnesta collaborate to produce two symposiums for invited participants. The aim is to develop tools that can assist cultural institutions who work in many and overlapping contexts.

Baltic Art Center, Nida Art Colony and Art Lab Gnesta are small art institutions that are located in a geographical periphery. They all run residency programs and a range of activities which span from exhibitions to seminars and education. Each institution has their specific profile. At the same time it is evident for these smaller institutions that the conditions are in a continuous change. Target groups are changing, funding is under constant negotiation, new networks develop over geographical and interdisciplinary areas.

Context in Flux are two symposiums that mainly consist of workshops where the participants investigate relationships between place and practice, the interaction between the local situation and the flow of practices and people as well as the residency program as a productive arena and sheltered laboratory.

The participants in Context in Flux are Baltic Art Center, Nida Art Colony, Art Lab Gnesta and invited artists, curators and art students. The aim is to develop tools for enthusiastic and strategic ways to work with contexts in flux.

The symposiums will be accessible at the web through interviews, streamed parts of workshops and presentations, archive of the participants, inspirational material, and will also be collected in the publication Mapping Flux.

Context in Flux: Symposium 1
Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania 12 – 13 October 2013

Context in Flux: Symposium 2

The Swedish Exhibition Agency and Baltic Art Center, Visby, Sweden 22 – 23 November 2013