Common Lands – Allmannaretten, 2010

Tuesday 14 September, 5 pm

The artist duo Rakett talk about their ongoing project

What happens when the waterfront in the post-industrial city is transformed into spaces for business, housing and recreational activity? What takes place behind the aesthetic and practical valuation?

During the residency at BAC Rakett is working with a publication, which takes Bjørvika a former harbour area in Oslo as its starting point. The ambition is with a series of art projects, seminars, workshops, and texts to provide a new focus on the ongoing process, and through this to disclose prevalent hidden structures such as e.g. ownership and the distribution of power between private and public agents.

Common Lands – Allemansrätten is an ongoing project following the Bjørvika process as well as similar urban development processes around the world.

After the presentation and discussion Rakett will serve a small dish.

The presentation will be in English.

Read more about Rakett and their project here.