Ana Torfs: solo exhibition in Vienna and Düsseldorf, 2010

Ana Torfs solo exhibition ALBUM/TRACKS A is shown at K21, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf, 27 Feb 2010 – 18 July and at Generali Foundation, Vienna, 3 September – 12 December 2010

Apart from a selection of earlier works, the recently completed slide installation “Displacement” (2009) will be shown for the first time at K21.

This work came about with the support of the Baltic Art Centre, Visby. The Swedish island of Gotland, which Ana Torfs got to know during a production-in-residence in 2007, inspired her to create a remake of Roberto Rossellini’s “Viaggio in Italia”/“Journey to Italy” (1954), a classic Italian film on the threshold between neorealismo and nouvelle vague. Alternating black and white photographs of a both magical and sparse insular landscape, which is clearly defined by its military function during the Cold War, are projected into the room. These images are accompanied by dialogues between two people who become increasingly estranged during the course of a journey.

Further information about the exhibition at Generali Foundation