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Standtune for the Courtyard of the Gotland Museum

The sculpture Standtune for the Courtyard of the Gotland Museum installed as part of The Art of Heritage. Inauguration on October 2nd, 1pm during the Visby Day.

The Lithuanian artists Augustas Serapinas was invited to research the museum collections and visited different kinds of hidden and forgotten spaces, in the museum storage and around Gotland’s house museums. What finally caught the artist’s interest was the demarcations between what classifies as heritage and requires special care from the museum staff and the objects and environments that exist outside the museum collections. The artist has visualised his thoughts in a sculpture built with traditional “standtune” fencing technique by the work team from the local Bunge museum association. The fence is a living heritage and might also have been used for defense purposes.

This ancient technique is now supporting a 4-meter-high sculpture that encircles the museum building in the courtyard of the Gotland Museum in Visby. Is it a defence or a sculpture? And which objects should be let into the museum collections? The latter is a constantly recurring issue for the Gotland Museum’s collection managers who decide on these complex issues brought forth by Augustas Serapina’s sculpture. Who has the power to decide on our common cultural heritage and what should be in the museums’ collections and exhibitions? Which objects should stay on one or the other side of the “fence” – border?

The Art of Heritage is a collaboration between the Baltic Art Center and the Gotland Museum. The affinity between archaeology and art history and the prominent role that artists have played in the portrayal of history, resonates within the project. The artistic research residency at the Gotland Museum receives Swedish and international artists with a keen interest in heritage and historic cultural environments to explore and visualize heritage anew from an artistic point of view. The project also strives to take advantage of the great interest in heritage that the non-profit associations of Gotland maintain and create exchange, grounded in the local community, between art and heritage.

Augustas Serapinas is an internationally renowned Lithuanian artist often working with site specific installations. He is born in 1990 and based in Vilnius.

From the installation of the sculpture September 2021. Photo: Karl Melander

Augustas Serapinas visiting the Gotland Museum Magasin Visborg 2019.
From the installation of the sculpture September 2021. Photo: Karl Melander


Standtune for the courtyard of the Gotland Museum is presented as part of the artistic research residency The Art of Heritage – a collaboration between the Baltic Art Center and the Gotland Museum, with support from the Swedish Arts Council.

Special thanks to

the Bunge Museum Association work team, which consists of 10-15 volunteers that keeps traditional crafts alive. They work with maintenance of all the museum’s buildings and fences, fire tar kilns and make charcoal. They grow and prepare flax for yarn, thresh rye and make rope.


The Art of Heritage – an Artistic Research Residency 2017-2021

The Gotland Museum

Bunge Museum

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