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BAC currently runs two residency programs by invitation: PIR (Production-in-Residence) for international artists and RIR (Research-in-Residence) for artists, curators and contemporary art writers from both the Baltic and Nordic countries and internationally. TSR (The Site Residency) program ended in 2015.
2015-2017 BAC also runs the The AIR_BALTIC Residency where projects are selected through open calls. Currently BAC is also a co-organizer of The Gotland Film Lab residency.


The Production-in-Residence program for international artists was established in 2004 and started as an institutional experiment, within the framework of a national assignment from the Swedish Government. The experiment was to, during 3 years, initiate new ways of working with contemporary art and offer the much needed room for experimentation for more established artists. “We wanted to offer artists unconditional time” – said BAC’s founding director Johan Pousette – “and to create an alternative possibility for artists to produce new works (besides exhibition commissions and public art works)”. The ambition was to give all relevant support, and to start the process with as few limitations as possible. Read more.


The RIR program offers artists, researchers and cultural practitioners an opportunity to engage with a longer term project exploring and contextualizing a subject closely related to Gotland. RIR fosters qualitative exchange between local resources and partners and international expertise through production and research.

The AIR_BALTIC Residency
The residency is a new pilot for research- and artist collaboratives from the Nordic-Baltic region since 2015 winter. The program is aimed at supporting practices that focus on the specific geo-political and social-historical context of the Baltic Sea region, and encourage reflective thinking about its rich heritage and multiple identity. It should also be seen as an opportunity to build different types of collaborations, which may have an interdisciplinary character. AIR_BALTIC offers two three-week residency periods for artist- and research groups of three from the Nordic countries and Baltic states in 2016-17 (spring and autumn/winter) and one residency period in 2015 (autumn/winter).

Gotland Film Lab residency

The residency is a project initiated by Gotland Film Lab and organized in collaboration with BAC–Baltic Art Center, the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators, the Bergman Estate on Fårö, Film on Gotland and the film studio Kustateljén in Fårösund and the Visby International Centre for Composers.
Gotland Film Lab is a 1–3 year project aimed at developing new and sustainable methods of supporting filmmakers and artists, thus creating a laboratory for artistic experiments and interdisciplinary collaborations.