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@ Tina Gverović, 2012

Artist talk: Tina Gverović

BAC – Baltic Art Center
August 24, 17.00, 2012

Tina Gverović, residence at BAC, talks about her most recent video project Travelling South, and gives an introduction to her previous work and background as an artist.

Travelling South is a visual essay of coastal footage. Without revealing exact locations, the film deals with the themes of belonging and memory, the exploration of the artistic implications of displacement, and the imagination as social practice. Presenting itself as a journey, the film transforms into a search for methods of investigation and questions of identity.

Travelling South is a visual essay composed of stills, found and restaged photographs, and footage taken on the English coast, Elafiti (Croatia) and Gotland (Sweden). Exact geographical locations are not revealed, but are alluded to. There is an actor/protagonist in the film (one character, but represented in two ways: a black and white photograph, and footage of an actor), who has no specific role other than that of a conceptual character who wanders through the space of the film, and across times, sometimes acting as the connecting component between shots, as an underlying constant, in sound terms a repetitive baseline or a chorus.

Photo: Tina Gverović, 2012

Although related directly to the locations, the sound is not descriptive of the visual element and it is produced separately from the film. The sound generally creates the sense of an internal space (or weaving between private, interior, cerebral, bodily space and the outside world of things and people, concrete sounds, concrete realities…), relating to daydreaming, but not ‘dreamy’. There are some slightly ‘psychedelic’ elements to film, in which ‘real’ or figurative images turn abstract, and vice versa.

Film/footage deals with themes of belonging and memory, displacement and imagination. It presents the idea of journeying and travelling south, and attempts to present a method of finding out, of investigation and discovery rather than representation.

The key questions are related to the impossibility of establishing identity on ‘solid grounds’, the lack of which encourages us to relate to various communities which can allow us a certain kind of temporary identity; or which on the other hand allows us to wander in standardized spaces produced by contemporary industries of the imaginary. Can we free ourselves from our heritage arriving at the place where we no longer depend on culturally specific categories/groups that we are born in, with a style of life that through our upbringing is moored in us?

Tina Gverović
Zaton, Dubrovnik, July 12, 2012

Tina Gverović is visual artist based in Zagreb, Croatia and London, UK. She finished her BA in Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia and MA at Jan van Eyck Academie – Post Graduate Centre for Art, Design and Theory in Maastricht, NL. She is currently in her final year of practice based PhD at Middlesex University in London. She has received several awards amongst which are; Gabrielle Parker (2008), Siemens Award (2006), Arts Link (2006), Radoslav Putar Award (2006), Croatian Artists Association Award (2005). Recent shows include ‘Invisible Building’ installation for The Garden of Learning / Busan Biennale 2012 (curated by Roger M. Bruegel), Busan, Korea (upcoming); ‘Precarious Adaptations II’, installation for Life in the Forest, Arsenal gallery (curated by Rael Artel), Bialystok, Poland, 2011; Uncomparables. Forming a Suspicious State (with Sinisa Ilić), Gallery Nova, Zagreb, 2010.

@ Tina Gverović, 2012


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