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Krzysztof Penderecki and Eugeniusz Rudnik in PRES [foto: Andrzej Zborski]

Artist Talk by BAC PIR Michał Libera

Baltic Art Center
Feb 13, 17.00, 2014

Good artists borrow. Great artists steal
Pablo Picasso. Or Igor Stravinsky

The greatest swindles in music business come not from the sheer appropriation of the material. This is minor money and quick trials. The big money is in the thefts of mean, deceitful and most of all public character. It is in re-appropriation turned against the author, in a public perversion of his or her image. It is in Michael Jackson having “Bad” hiccup or Dolly Parton pretending to be male in “Pretender”.

Over the last decades with the development of P2P and YouTube stealing became an innocent and barely visible everyday practice. So the question is not whether to steal or not. The question is why deliberately make it public? The talk will about the specifics of thefts in the aural domain, the ownership and the loss of sonic identity, and finally stealing sounds and music in order to develop a critical response on culture and art.

Krzysztof Penderecki and Eugeniusz Rudnik in PRES [foto: Andrzej Zborski]


This residency and production is realized with the kind support of the Polish Institute Stockholm.


Read more about Michał Libera’s recidency here.

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