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Photo credit: Maria Kotlyachkova

"Trans-Siberian Artist Residency on Gotland"

BAC, Visby. December 2, 18.00
Presentation in English

“Trans-Siberian Artist Residency on Gotland”, is part of the Gotland Film Lab program, and a group of artists and a curator from Russia and Sweden will present their reflection of a “migrating” residency, while crossing Eurasia on the train. The group will also present work from Gotland, and how they in both residencies explored finding new ways of sharing their accumulated knowledge from visual language and sound, on their way to either the shorelines of the Japanese, or the Baltic sea. The presentation will include screenings of film documentation from both residency programs, as well as an experimental guitar improvisation.

Artists: Timo Menke and Susanne Skog (SWE) from r a k e t a
Nadya Gorokhova and Ilya Grishaev (RUS)
Curators: Maria Kotlyachkova (RUS) and r a k e t a (SWE)

Photo credit: Maria Kotlyachkova


The residency projects are supported by Film on Gotland and the Gotland Film Lab residency, BAC – Baltic Art Center (project part #. Gotland), and  r a k e t a  (project part # Russia).

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