Image: Illustration by Juri Markkula of brick portal as an entrance to Donners hage.


In the project ANNO MMXX, Juri Markkula develops a design concept for the planned city park Donners Hage in Visborg. The artist uses the cultural history and natural values of the area and relates them to the designated themes for the art projects: meeting places and green urban space and links, passages and movement. ANNO MMXX thematizes the brick architecture of the former regiment, heritage fencing and local vegetation in the design of entry points to the park. The designs contribute to the framing of Donners hage, both as a physical site and as a site of memories. At the same time, they connect the different parts of Visborg, for both pedestrians and bicyclists, by guiding and encouraging movement within Visborg via the park.

The core of the design concept departs from a brick portal in the shape of a fragment or a ruin that mirrors the architecture of the former regiment in style, scale and placement. The main offices of Region Gotland are located in these former regiment buildings. The portal is visualised as a replica of the entrance to Region Gotland and is placed opposite of it on the other side of the street by the Visborg Alley (Visborgsallén). There it creates an entrance to Donners hage and erects a sight line and visual link between the former regiment area and the new residential area’s public park. From the vantage point of the portal theme, the artist has elaborated on another three designs that mark entrances to Donners hage.

Juri Markkula is based in Visby on Gotland and works with public art commissions and exhibitions locally, nationally and internationally. Juri Markkula’s work is based in painting and investigates the dynamic relationship between viewers and materials. In his studio, as well as in public commissions, he often experiments with the relation between body movement, surfaces and perception.

Image: Illustration by Juri Markkula of brick portal as an entrance to Donners hage.

Art in Urban Development Project Visborg

Region Gotland is planning for a new city district in the former regimental area Visborg, south of Visby.

Art in Urban Development Project Visborg is part of the Public Art Agency’s scheme Art in Urban Development and is carried out in cooperation between Public Art Agency Sweden, Region Gotland and BAC.
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