Image: Ingela Ihrman’s drawing of an Oilbird used as backdrop in a digital meeting with city architect Christian Hegardt.

Marching on Visborg

The project Marching on Visborg, by Ingela Ihrman, focusses on following and sharing the artist process through establishing a dialogue with the co-workers at Region Gotland and others that are involved in the planning of future Visborg.

Ingela Ihrman suggests a model for artistic participation in the urban planning process where the result is not a realized artwork but a realized artistic process within the framework of the urban development project. The artist relates indirectly to the designated themes for the Art in Urban Development Project Visborg: meeting places and green urban space and links, passages and movement, by providing a forum for reflection and dialogue about these. The artist understanding, her translations of and responses to the things that surface become part of the process.

Ingela Ihrman:
With basic choreography (walking in line), costume/sculpture and sound/voice I would like to create a quiet marching show. In my march different sorts of “somethings” will pass by. It will be performed in different places where people are because they must, not because they necessarily want to.

The artist will connect the components of the march to abstract or concrete concepts derived from contemporary urban development such as “flows” and “communication”. By, for example, giving shape to concepts like “black water/grey water” and “divining-rod”, the artist lets historical and contemporary examples of the human relationship to underground water meet in the march.

During this spring’s travel restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic, Ingela Ihrman has not been able to come to Visborg. All exchange with the urban development project has therefore been organised via digital meetings. To share her work, the artist has sent images and objects to key staff in the Visborg project. The question of how these, and other parts of the artistic process, can be implemented in the coming phases of the urban development project remains an open question and largely up to the participants. Hopefully, key staff in the urban development project will have the opportunity and will want to engage with the artistic work of Ingela Ihrman and by doing so, they will bring it into the urban development process.

Ingela Ihrman lives and works in Malmö but is active both in Sweden and abroad with exhibitions, public commissions and self-initiated projects in public space. In her artistic practice she works with, amongst other things, sculptures, drawings and performances and very often uses animals and plants to depict the human and social circumstances that we are part of.

Image: Ingela Ihrman’s drawing of an Oilbird used as backdrop in a digital meeting with city architect Christian Hegardt.

Art in Urban Development Project Visborg

Region Gotland is planning for a new city district in the former regimental area Visborg, south of Visby.

Art in Urban Development Project Visborg is part of the Public Art Agency’s scheme Art in Urban Development and is carried out in cooperation between Public Art Agency Sweden, Region Gotland and BAC.
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