Photo: © Åsa Sonjasdotter

"A Muddy Place for Art" with Åsa Sonjasdotter starts up The Art of Heritage Residency

The residency’s first artist is Åsa Sonjasdotter who will trace the human relationship to cultivated plants in archives, heritage landscapes and in literature. Cultivated plants’ rich variation in form and taste has emerged through, what might be called, a “breeding dialogue”, between humans and plants. When Carl von Linné systematized the Nature (Systema Naturae, 1735), cultivated plants were not mentioned, as they were not regarded as part of God’s divine order. Considering human’s close relation to cultivated plants, their aesthetic capacity is surprisingly overlooked within both art and science.

The Art of Heritage – an Artistic Research Residency at the Gotland Museum, is a three-year collaboration between Baltic Art Center, the Museum of Gotland and the People’s Movement for Art Promotion, carried out with support from the Swedish Arts Council’s Regional Development funding. The artistic research residency will receive Swedish and international artists with a keen interest in heritage, historic cultural environments and historiography to explore, research and visualize heritage anew from an artistic point of view. Read more

Photo: © Åsa Sonjasdotter


The Art of Heritage is made possible with the Regional Development Fund from the Swedish Arts Council.


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Åsa Sonjasdotter: potato perspective

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