– An art research project by Juanma González, Mira Mutka och Johanna Nordenankar.

For the AIR_BALTIC residency during November-December, the artist Juanma González, the choreographer Mira Mutka and Johanna Nordenankar ­ – owner of the riding school Haltarve Islandshästar, will use a historic pilgrims way located in Gotland to develop a cultural heritage site for horse lovers. The group will explore what happens when we swap the comforts of our daily life for an existential trip on horseback and how it can transform into a locally and socially rooted tourist experience.

Gotland. An Island. A Way.
Almedalsbiblioteket, Visby
Sunday, December 4, 17-18.30
Talk and concert. Free of charge

Photo: map of A PILGRIMS WAY. From Visby to St Olofsholm - an art research project. Courtesy of Juanma González.
Baltic Art Center   Visby, Sweden